Issue 20

Feb, 2024

The issue features the following studies: "France's Madrassas: Education as Mediator in Colonial Algeria (1850-1951)" by Sarri Ahmed; "Mu'tazilite Kalām as a Trans-religious Phenomenon: A Contextual and Observational Search for a Christian Mu'tazilite Orientation" by Najib George Awad; "The ḥijāba and the ḥujjāb in Ifrīqiya during the Hafsid Era" by Hamed Ajili; "The Ṣulaḥāʾ of Sijilmasa during the Almoravid and Almohad eras: A Prosopographical Study" by Abdelhak Tahri; "Slaves at Royal Palaces in Morocco's Tafilalt-Sijilmassa in the 19th Century: A Reading from the Sultan's Archives and Foreign Travellers' Accounts" by Hassane Mharzi; " Hospitals of the Maghreb: From the Almohad Era to the Beginning of the Protectorate (1199-1912 AD)" by Al-Bidawiya Belkamel; and "Historical Issues and Problems of Modernisation in the Book Personal Memories of an Intimate Life in Morocco by Maddalena Chizzotti Ferrara" by Yahya Boulahya. 

The issue's Translations section features "Archives et histoire: dépasser les tournants" by Olivier Poncet (translated by Mohammed Hatmi). Book reviews include Abdelilah Benmlih's review of Crops and Gardens in the Far Maghreb During the Medieval and Early Modern Period: Distribution, Functions, and Decline by Mustafa Taher; Khaled El-Jaddi's review of The Berbers Between Maghreb and Mashreq (VII-XV Century) edited by Dominique Valérian; and Mohammed Habida's review of Turkish Historical Writing Through Moroccan Eyes by Abdel Rahim Benhada. Next, the Primary Sources section includes "Muhammad Ali Jauhar's Burial at the Al-Aqsa Mosque: A Model of Indian-Palestinian Relations During the British Mandate" by Farida Mohamed Ali Gamus. 

The issue finishes by publishing the third installment of articles presented at the Ostour Symposium on Historical Writing in Morocco 27-29 October 2022. These include: "Findings from Archaeological Digs at Ancient Sites Through Moroccan Writings" by Ali Wahidi; "Outcomes of Research on Morocco's 20th Century History: An Evaluation" by Kacem El Hadeg; "An Objective Reading of Moroccan Historiography in Writings on the History of Ancient Morocco" by Saïd El Bouzidi; and "The History of Jewish Groups in Morocco: The Functionality of Academic Research in the Re-Creation of the Moroccan Personality" by Mohammed Hatmi.

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