Issue 15

Feb, 2022

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the fifteenth issue of their biannual peer-reviewed journal Ostour. Articles in this issue include “The Path to Renewal: The French Annales School from Emergence to Collapse (2)”; by Nacereddine Saidouni; “The Emergence and Development of Ottoman Historical Writing up until the End of the Fifteenth Century” by Anis A. Mahmoud; “Epidemics and Pandemics in the Ancient Near East - From Ancient Times until the Emmaus Plague:  A Study of Their Impacts on Human History ”, by Mohammed Maraqten; “Water and the Sacred in North Africa during the Roman Era”, by Samir Ait Oumghar; “The Umayyads: Forms of Forgetting and Places of Memory”, by Moez Omri; “The Twelve Articles: A Sketch of the Relationship between Religion and Law in Lutheran Germany”, by Talal Aljassar; and “Islam and the Early Founders of the English Colonies in North America 1607-1789” by Nagham Talib Abdullah.

The translation published by this issue is the second part of “Universal History” by Susan Buck-Morss. The book review section includes Mustapha el Ghachi’s review of Introducing and Briefing Some of What Needs to Be Done on the Hijaz Road by Mustapha el Ghachi, Historical Thought and Learning History by Abdelaaziz Ettahiri, as well as Mohammed Gachi’s review of Histoire Du Monde Au XIXe Siècle by Sylvain Venayre and Pierre Singaravélou.  The documents section showcases a “Translation and Study of Four Letters in the Ottoman Language on the French Siege of the Algerian Coast in 1827,” presented by Kheireddine Saidi. The issue also contains four pieces from the Ostour seminar: Hatem El-Tahay's “The Efforts of Egyptian Historians in Studying the History of the Crusades: Processes and Developments,” Ahmed Zakariya El Shelek's “The Academic School and the Development of Historical Writing in Egypt in the First Half of the Twentieth Century,” Yasser Mongy's “Unknown, Forgotten, Neglected: Observations on the Historiography of Modern Egyptian Art in the Twentieth Century,” and Nasser Ahmed Ibrahimi's “The Crisis of Historical Writing in 1960s Thought A Reading in the Writings of Raouf Abbas”.

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