Issue 17

Oct, 2022

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the seventeenth issue of their biannual peer-reviewed journal Ostour. This special issue contains papers from the symposium, “Hichem Djait: the Historian and the Thinker,” convened in cooperation with the Tunisian office of the Arab Center, the Center for Economic and Social Studies and Research in Tunisia, and Laboratoire Histoire des Economies et des Sociétés Méditerranéennes, on 14-15 March 2022, to unpack the intellectual legacy of Hichem Djait. 

The issue includes the studies: “Hichem Djait and the Orientalists” by Hayat Amamou; “Hichem Djait and the Foundations for Arab Enlightenment” by Kamal Abdellatif; “On Hichem Djait and Modern Prophetic Biography” by Soumaya Louhichi; “Hichem Djaït and Prophet Muhammad's Biograph: A Methodological Critique” by Amr Osman, and “The Contribution of Hichem Djaït to the History of Systems and Institutions in the Maghreb”, by Hassan Hafidi Alaoui. The section devoted to testimonies includes the article " On the Early Works of Hichem Djait: The Question of the Past and the Preoccupation with Fate” by Hassen Mohamed. The issue concludes with three book reviews: a review of Hichem Djait’s Penser l'histoire, penser la religion, by Hayat Amamou, and two reviews of Hayat Amamou’s book Hichem Djaït. Itinéraire d’un Universitaire Et Intellectuel Tunisien, by Abdelhamid Hénia and Kamal Abdellatif.

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