Issue 06

Jul, 2017

The sixth issue of Ostour, the ACRPS' semi-annual journal on historical studies has been published. The journal contains a selection of studies, translations and books reviews, in addition to the section "documents and texts". The edition includes seven "articles": Hayat Amamou (The Nature of Early Islamic Sources and Academics' Differing Views of their Historical Significance); Mohamed Tahar Al Mansuri (The Image of the Byzantines in Arabic Culture as Expressed in Language); Abdul Rahim Abu-Husayn and Tarek Abu Hussein (On the Road to the Abode of Felicity: Observations of a Damascene Scholar in Anatolia and Istanbul in 1530); Lamjad Bouzaid (Maghrebi Captives in Europe 1772 - 1775: From the Tunisian National Archives); Aitjamal Mohamed (French Expeditions to the Moroccan South during the 19th Century: Fact and Representation); Fatah Gdarh (The Historiography of Contemporary Events through Memoires and Personal Testimonies: Significance and Research Cautions – The Case of Libya); Abdulaziz al-Taheri (Witness and Historian in Morocco: Conflict or Complementarity?). The journal concludes with an overview of the Ostour Symposium, under the title, “Dividing the World: the Centenary of Sykes-Picot”, held by the history faculty at the Doha Institute for Graduate Students in conjunction with the Ostour team, on 26-27 December, 2016, and featured nine studies. 

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