Issue 09

Jan, 2019

The ninth issue of Ostour, a peer-reviewed bi-annual historical journal, has now been published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. This issue contains six studies: "Time Bandits A Study of the Development of European Mentalities during the Renaissance" by Khalid Tahtah; "A Toponymical Reading of the Africa Gate of Idrissi Fez Jamel Ben Tahar" by Al-Hassan al-Gharayib; "Between the Science of History and the Science of Biography" by Ben Youssef al-Baji; "A Debate on Paul Wittek's Thesis about the Rise of Ottoman Empire" by Anis A. Mahmoud; "From the History of Ruling Dynasties to the History of the Present" by Abderrahmane El-Moudden; "The Contribution of India's Muslims to Religious Endowments and Charitable Works in Palestine" by Sahibe Alam Azami Nadwi; and "Role of the Israeli Communist Party in the Nakba" by Mahmoud Muhareb. This issue also includes Thaer Deeb's translation of "The Power in the Story", a chapter in the 1995 book Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History by Haitian intellectual Michel-Rolph Trouillot.

In the book reviews section, Abderrahim Benhadda reviews Revisions of Ottoman Turkish History A Reading of We and Our History by Ilbert Ortayli, while Salih Alshora reviews Stirring Times or Records from Jerusalem Consular Chronicles of 1853-1856 by James Finn, and Nafissa Douida reviews The Movement of Algerian Youth at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century by Nikolay Dyakov.

The issue also contains the second part of the Ostour Seminar, "One Hundred Years Since the Balfour Declaration", which was held from 12-14 May 2018, in Doha, Qatar, and included three studies. Finally the edition concludes with a Spanish Document on Redemption of Captives in Salé 1632 translated by Muhammad Abd al-Mumin in the Primary Sources section. 

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