Issue 07

Mar, 2018

​The seventh issue of Ostour, the ACRPS bi-annual journal devoted to the academic study of history and historiography was published in March, 2018.

Research papers included in this edition include:

“Byzantium's Official Attitude towards Islam as imagined by
Abu Sufyan: The Impact of the Imaginary on Self-Perception
and Perception of the Other” by Bechir Labidi; “Sassanian Sultanic Literature in the Early Abbasid Court and the Question of its Transfer” by Nasir Al-Kaabi; “Manifestations of Renewal in the Field of History  in Tunisia between the 17th and 19thCenturies” by Abdelhamid Henia; “Historical Knowledge Production in post-independence Morocco” by Abderrahman Benhadda; “The Algerian Elite and its Connection to a Reform Movement” by Noureddine Teniou; and “Collective Memory as a Subject of Historical Research:  a Study of Selected Historians from the Third Generation of the Annales School” by Yassin Yahyaoui.
Book reviews carried in this latest edition include: Mohammed Al-Amrani’s review of The Islamic Minority in Sicily between Integration, Confrontation and Identity Conflict (484-591 AH / 1091- 1194 AD): Contribution to the Study of the History of Minorities; Mustapha El Ghachi’s review of The Paradise of the Infidels: the Travel Account of Mohammed Effendi to Paris in 1721; and Bilal Mohammed Shalash’s Biography and Contemporary History: Reading the Memoirs of Salim Hijja.
This seventh edition carried an account of the latest Ostour Symposium. The event, held on 15-16 January, 2017, was devoted to the theme of “History as the Preserve of the State in the Arab World” and was hosted by the History Department at Qatar’s Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.
Translations (into Arabic) carried in this issue included Thaer Deeb’s translation of Carlo Ginzburg’s Microhistory: Two or Three Things That I know about it.
Finally, the seventh edition of Ostour closed with coverage of a symposium devoted to Khaled Ziadeh’s book on Sharia Court personal status documents in the city of Tripoli in present-day Lebanon.

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