Issue 12

Jul, 2020

The ACRPS is pleased to announce the publication of the twelfth issue of its biannual peer-reviewed journal Ostour. Articles in this issue include “Intellectual History: Origin, Subject, Methodology and Its Status in Modern Arab Historical Studies”, by Amr Osman; “Methods of Historical Classification through the Introductions of History Books” by Ali Mazyan, “State Presence and Representations in Peripheral Areas: The Regency of Tunis in the Modern Period, by Mustapha Tlili, “Looking at the Safavid Harem in a New Light”, by Mahboobeh Majeedzadeh, “Historiography and Constructing the Modern Nation-State in Turkey”, by Souad Benali, “Transformations in Historiography: from elite history toward a history of the marginalized", by Mohammed Gachi, and “The Algerian Revolution at the United Nations”, by Noureddine Teniou. 

This issue’s translation is “Approaches in the Social Sciences and Humanities”, translated from the French by Mustapha Tlili. The book review section includes a review of Arab Historical Knowledge Production: Contexts of Constructing Meaning and Forms of Interpreting the Representative by Lotfi Aïssa as well as a review of Khaled Ziadeh’s The Arab City and Modernity by Abderrahim Benhada. 

The documents section focuses on “Jewish Trade Mediation between Morocco and the Netherlands in the Nineteenth Century”, presented by Abdulghani al-Omrani. The issue concludes with three pieces from the Ostour seminar: Musa Sroor’s “Towards an Exit Plan from Micro- to Macro-History: the Documents of the Jerusalem Waqf as a Historical Source”, Adel Manaa’s “The History of the Marginalized in Palestine from Ottoman Rule to the Nakba and Beyond”, and Issam Nassar’s “Colonialism in the Imaginary: Jerusalem in the Early Photograph”.

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